7 React Component Collections from Popular Libraries

April 02, 2019 0 Comments

7 React Component Collections from Popular Libraries



React components are the building blocks of more and more web applications. React’s component-based approach turned UI development into a composition of reusable and extendable components. Up until recently, sharing components was done mostly via monolithic UI libraries.

When all you need is a reusable component adding an entire library can be an overkill that bloats your bundle and slows your development.

Bit is a powerful open source tool that lets you share and reuse individual components from any project or library. When combined with React libraries, you can instantly get a collection of individual components you and your team can share and manage across your projects and applications. It also provides cool added features like a live playground, auto API docs and more.

To help you find and use the React components you need, here are 7 unranked collections (+ bonuses) for popular and useful React libraries.

Feel free to use Bit to share your own library as a component collection (no changes needed), for your team or with the community. Enjoy! :)

React foundation components
React spinner components

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