9 React Styled-Components UI Libraries for 2018

October 04, 2018 0 Comments

9 React Styled-Components UI Libraries for 2018



At 5k stars, rebass is a “React primitive UI components built with styled-system”. It’s lightweight, and beautifully designed set of 8 extendable, consistent and reusable components built with responsivity and customizability in mind (with built-in themes). Here are the components.

Altough “only” at 350 stars, this library provides well-crafted components which are also individually published to NPM and can also be easily made available as Bit components to consume and share. Components are built to respond to a range of user input devices, tuned to handle right-to-left layouts, and some even contain animations. Bite-sized chunks of web HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are prepared to drop into any React-based application. Take a look.

Atlassian’s React UI component library, implementing Atlassian’s design guidelines and putting styled-components to use. The library was started 2 years ago as an effort to implement ADG3 designs for all Atlassian Cloud products, which are built on top of React. Every component is a package.

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