A Civilised Guide to JavaScript Array Methods

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A Civilised Guide to JavaScript Array Methods



TL;DR: I’ve created a
cheat sheet that will tell you precisely when to use each JS array method. It’s
a free gift for anyone who subscribes to my email updates.

Thumbnail image showing the flowchart for choosing an array method   Thumbnail image showing the table that describes each array method.

Have you ever looked at the list of all those JavaScript array methods? It’s enormous and overwhelming. A complete gallimaufry. How are you supposed to remember what all those methods do? How can you be sure if you’re using the ‘right’ approach? How do you work out which one to use in the code you’re writing right now?

Imagine if you had a guide you could consult any time? A cheat sheet that could tell you exactly which array method to use for your specific problem. Instead of just showing you all the methods and wishing you ‘best of luck’, it would tell you ‘For this problem, try…’

Enter the `Civilised Guide to JavaScript Array Methods’. It’s my free gift to anyone who subscribes for updates.

What makes this cheat sheet so civilised?

There are plenty of other JavaScript array method cheat sheets out there. They show you all the array methods. They are comprehensive. They call themselves the ‘ultimate’ or the ‘definitive’ cheat sheet. And if that’s what you want, by all means use those ones.

This cheat sheet is different. It doesn’t list all the array methods. But it does list the most interesting ones—the ones most likely to save you lines and lines of code. It lists the methods that will help change the way you think about solving problems with arrays. These are tools that will help you start writing civilised JavaScript.

And unlike other cheat sheets, this one doesn’t
start with a list of methods. Instead, it starts with the problem you’re trying to solve. Instead of sending you off into the wilderness without a map, it gently guides you to the right method. That’s what makes it civilised.

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Anyhow, you’re free to unsubscribe at any time. And I have no reason nor desire to give your details away to anyone. If for any reason you feel like I am pestering you or clogging up your inbox, please let me know.

So, why wait? Quit gongoozling about and snaffle your civilised guide.

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