I wanted a place to be able to keep my skills up-to-date with the latest code and trending technologies. Searching for these things in Google didn't quickly yield what I was looking for. This gives you a unified interface to view syndicated content, and tools to highlight and take notes on the side.

  • search this collection for articles and videos
  • browse by tags
  • view recommended content widget
  • over 1000 curated code repositories
  • over 1000 conference videos from '16 and '17
  • highlight and annotate any content, and share these annotations

About the Author

Your career is like a jungle gym, it's not a ladder. The best opportunities challenge us to master our skills. An experience can be much more valuable then a designation.

Brian has bootstrapped a number of privately held ventures including a digital photography studio in '99 and an employment agency abroad in '03. He has been consulting in New York City since 2008.

He is a former Adjunct Professor and Professional Musician. He is an Entrepreneur, Software Architect and Speaker.