Announcing Bit v13.0 Major Release

June 20, 2018 0 Comments

Announcing Bit v13.0 Major Release



We are excited to announce the release of Bit’s v13.0 major version.

With over 35 new features, workflows and fixes, this release is focused on supporting popular and common workflows and improved stability for working in the rich and evolving Javascript ecosystem.

As part of the release we’re switching to major versions to indicate that we, like many others, have been using Bit in production for a long time. Looking forward we’ll continue to follow semver like we’ve always done before.

Here are some of the key features introduced in v13.

  • Adding the ability to configure custom module resolution in Bit (paths and aliases), to support absolute import statements for projects that use similar features like Webpack, Typescript, Babel, Vue alias etc.
  • Over 20 bug fixes including the import of binary files and more.
  • Environments transformed and refactored to act as native Bit extensions.
  • Supporting “export X from Y” syntax of ES6 without importing X first.
  • Supporting mixed mode of common-js and ES6.
  • Supporting Installing Bit using NPM using sudo.
  • New flags for bit init including --reset and --reset-hard.

Many of the features and fixes were made available thanks to the thousands of developers putting Bit to work, and the great ideas, feedback, and issues provided by the community. So, it’s also time time to stop and say thanks!

One of the major features in this release is the ability to configure custom module resolution (paths and aliases), to support absolute import statements for projects that use similar features with webpack resolve, tsconfig resolving, Vue resolve alias (Vue Webpack template), Babel module resolver etc.

Working with absolute paths enables you to require components without having to think and calculate the relative path.

We’ve also added support for “export X from Y” syntax of ES6 without importing X first, and for mixed mode of common-js and ES6.

This means that Bit can now better play together with the JS ecosystem and create a smoother workflow combined with some of your favorite tools.

v13 includes over 20 issue fixes that make Bit more stable than ever before. These fixes include, among tother things, fixing the importing of binary files, fixing the infamous “Maximum call stack size exceeded” issue, and much more. You can view the full list in Bit’s v13 release note.

As more developers, teams and organization rely on Bit every day, stability is one of our key focuses looking forward. Many of the fixes introduced in this version were made possible thanks to the issues, feedback and ideas of the community itself in different channels from GitHub to Gitter and Email.

Looking forward we’re very excited about Bit’s roadmap. We will continue to work hand in hand with the developer community to improve Bit as it is today, and will continue to frequently add new features and capabilities.

Among other things, we will deepen Bit’s integration to the rich and fast-evolving ecosystem and improve the way teams can share their code and collaborate. On the journey towards our vision, we’re only at the beginning.

Much of bit’s progress is made possible thanks to the great insights, ideas and even complaints contributed by you, so please feel free to continue to communicate feedback and issues or ask us anything!


Team Bit

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