Building a Fashion Ecommerce App

November 06, 2014 0 Comments by

Building a Stylinity Olapic Hybrid Clone

Imagine having an native mobile app that allows you to take selfies when trying on clothes, and pays you to do this.


Instead of just sharing these photos in your social networks, you could earn discounts, earn points, win contests, or get paid for trying on these clothes. This is already happening, often we want to see what real people look like wearing those clothes. Rent the Runway has proven this.

Look and Fit

Fitbay and Clothes Horse are trying to do this. One is finding your body doubles and letting you shop their wardrobes. The other is using the data you provide them, to help you find clothes that fit.

Native App

Deploy a native app for iOS and Android. Use the device capabilities to scan the barcode and capture photos. Scanning a barcode will return a product id. Use this product id as metadata when saving the photo. Allow the user to register and login. Send store this photo and metadata in a CORS enabled REST API.

Web App

We now have an app to capture photos, scan barcodes, and provide photo metadata to store via an API. Create endpoints to return product photos and metadata. Create the widget interface and determine the product page that the user is currently on. Use this product information to fetch photos of real people wearing this product. Allow the user to login, and use the user profile to cross-reference the photo metadata in the API. Create a swipeable responsive interface to allow users to properly browse these photos while not taking from their experience in shopping the retailer sites.

Quantifying Conversion Rates

Determine how many conversions you are driving but implementing A/B testing on the retailer sites. Determine the rate in increase in which people click to buy when they have real photos available, and use these figures to sell the service to new partners.

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