compodoc - documentation tool for angular project

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compodoc - documentation tool for angular project



compodoc id a documentation tool for your angular project. compodoc generate your documentation within a minute for your project. compodoc is a tool where the developer can generate documentation and providing clear and helpful documentation of their application. Other developers and the user can easily understand your application features through your application documentation. compodoc is an open-source tool.


  • It supports AngularNestJS and Stencil application.
  • compodoc provides you a clean and simple design for your application documentation.
  • compodoc provide you 8 different beautiful and professional themes for your documentation.
  • It supports four languages: en-US, fr-FR, zh-CN, pt-BR. you can generate your documentation in these languages.
  • Provide you powerful search engine helps you find your information.
  • It creates automatically a table of content in your documentation using elements.
  • Use it directly in your project using npm.
  • It is a local tool no need any server for this tool.

compodoc example

Below are screenshots of generated documentation for this project SoundCloud API client and default theme (gitbook).



Overview page


Modules page


Single module page


Component page

Source code tab


Search page


Coverage report



Compodoc supports last Angular-CLI version: 7.x and support also Node.js v9.x & v10.x

Global installation

For install run this code in npm

npm install -g @compodoc/compodoc

If you use PowerShell on Windows, add quotes:

npm install -g "@compodoc/compodoc"

Local installation

npm install --save-dev @compodoc/compodoc


Define a script task for it in your package.json (with npm 6.x) :

"scripts": { "compodoc": "npx compodoc -p src/" 

and run it like a normal npm script :

npm run compodoc

or with npx :

npx @compodoc/compodoc ...

Position of tsconfig file in codebase

Example of an Angular CLI project :

├── src
│ ├── app
│ │ ├── app.component.ts
│ │ └── app.module.ts
│ ├── main.ts
│ ├── ...
│ └──
└── tsconfig.json
compodoc -p src/


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