Dropbox details their edge services, on replacing Redux, and the debate over Protobuffers

October 20, 2018 0 Comments

Dropbox details their edge services, on replacing Redux, and the debate over Protobuffers



Dropbox traffic infrastructure: Edge network - An overview of how Dropbox keeps exabytes of data available and fast

3 Ways We're Using Elixir to Solve Real Problems - Websockets, Webhooks, and load balancing, Oh my!

Protobuffers Are Wrong [Orange Site] [Blue Site] - By far the most talked about article of the week is full of personal insults and heavy discussion.

Goodbye Redux - on the rise of JS, the dual-app worlds of separate FE & BE servers, the rise and fall of Redux, and how GraphQL can help solve a lot of problems.

(this is just a rabbit wearing a waffle hat)

What are some of the best technical talks you've heard? - an Orange Site discussion of the best technical talks. This is great, because the posts are sorted by votes from a highly technical crowd. That means starting at the top and working your way down is already proved out by the community.

12 Factor CLI Apps - the Heroku approach to writing CLI apps, this is a great read if you ever write or modify CLIs

Tableau-Like Data Visualizations in JavaScript [Orange Site] [Github] - new OSS project to make charting easier. It's a hard problem to solve, and great to see investment coming into the space again.

Introducing Action Text for Rails 6 - DHH announced via YouTube Action Text, a way to give real rich text editing abilities to end users in Rails. It handles the entire text and image processing pipeline, and includes the newly released Trix Editor.

Reposurgeon's Excellent Journey and the Waning of Python - Reposurgeon is a toolset that lets you do dangerous but important things to items under version control. The project is being migrated to Go from Python, and the authors explain why.

IPFS, the Interplanetary File System, Simply Explained - IPFS can be confusing, as there are a lot of moving parts. This is a good high level overview of how it fits together, but it doesn't include code.

Lots of software dev Interview Questions from multiple posts - people love reading these, but no one enjoys taking or giving these quizzes. How long until we start interviewing people better, and stop with the trick questions?

Rust has a static garbage collector - Steve Klabnik talks through the finer points of GC, and how GC works in Rust. I always enjoy Klabnik's posts, as he has a really insightful take on computer science.

Alternative code styles - Extra points for Fibonacci indentation

Dwitter: 140 characters of JavaScript and a canvas - like a Twitter feed for cool tiny JS visualizations

What's a CPU to do when it has nothing to do - on improving power consumption in the idle loop

Why Firebase sucks [Blue Site] - It doesn't suck for its intended use cases, but you have to know when to pull the plug and move to a more custom solution.


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