Electronic Signatures with Eversign API

May 23, 2018 0 Comments

Electronic Signatures with Eversign API



The days of printing documents to sign them and scan them back onto your computer are over. Not only does this method not scale well, but it’s annoying, slow, and wasteful.

What is the solution? Electronic signatures.

Electronic signatures are a legally binding method of getting documents signed, right on the internet. It saves time, money, and it looks way more professional than the alternative.

Meet Eversign.

Eversign is all about boosting your business workflow and efficiency, and getting day-to-day tasks like scanning, printing and manually signing out of the way.

The idea behind eversign is helping both small and large businesses make the digital leap while guiding them every step of the way. We truly understand that a great deal of companies hesitate when it comes to managing and processing sensitive data such as contracts and business agreements in the cloud

Using eversign does not only mean digitalizing your signatures and documents — it’s also a significant step towards preserving our environment and will save you countless man-hours and money you can spend otherwise.

Perhaps the best feature of Eversign is the API — The eversign API is a lightweight RESTful JSON API and can be accessed using any server side programming language. It’s never been easier to automate legally binding e-Signatures in your application!

You can use the Eversign API to create and view documents, access and download documents, create templates, request signatures, and more! Here’s a full list of what you can automate with the API:

  • List Businesses
  • Create Document
  • Use Template
  • Get Document/Template
  • List Documents
  • List Templates
  • Send Reminder
  • Delete Document
  • Cancel Document
  • Download Original PDF
  • Download Final PDF
  • Upload File
  • Errors

Check out the EverSign API homepage, or dive right into the documentation!

Check out this awesome video showing how easy it is to create documents for signing with eversign’s custom web application:

  • Document Management & Security
    Securely store your documents after completion in your eversign account, schedule them to auto-expire, export them to a private location or permanently remove them from eversign systems.
  • Document Editor
    Upload an existing PDF document and prepare it for signature using eversign’s fully-fledged and straightforward document editor.
  • In-Person Signing
    Enable customers, employees, partners or contractors to sign documents (e.g. Non-Disclosure Agreements or waivers) directly on your PC, tablet of mobile device.
  • Audit Trail
    Keep track of every past and present transaction storing a complete and detailed audit trail. Your audit trail will be secure and comprehensible, containing names, email & IP addresses and time stamps.
  • Templates
    Set up template documents for the contracts or forms you use most frequently and pre-fill them with custom text, dropdown menus, checkboxes and other elements — perfect for registration forms.
  • Multiple Businesses
    Executing contracts on behalf of more than one business? You’re in the right place — using eversign you will be able manage multiple businesses, each with their own team members, contacts and documents.

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