Envisaging the Future of Artificial Intelligence: 8 Credible Predictions

October 13, 2017 0 Comments

Envisaging the Future of Artificial Intelligence: 8 Credible Predictions



As the machines are getting high-tech with improved capacity and intelligent manoeuvres, the so-called science fiction of machines taking over human beings is no longer just a far-fetched reality; it is already near us. Many people are in the mood to predict the autonomy of machines as the doomsday for our human life and civilisation, but what none of us can fail to admit is the inevitable machine led and machine dominated reality which is looming large in front of us.

It is needless to say at the heart of this evolved reality there is Artificial Intelligence referred as the machine’s own ability to think, respond, behave and analyse in a humanely analytical manner. While Artificial Intelligence is still in its nascent state, already the signs of its domination and widespread adoption are clear to us. What kind of future can we expect from this AI led reality? What AI has in store for us in the time to come? Here we can try to reveal eight such credible predictions.

AI-powered robots will provide safety from disasters

Disaster management will be one of the key advantages of using AI-powered robots. Robots thanks to advanced data analytics and access to real-time weather data can easily ascertain environmental changes and situations and accordingly can offer predictive measures. Thus in the years to come disaster management will be easier than ever before.

For example, robotic traffic control can assess the traffic condition better and accordingly can predict real-time solutions to ease out traffic movement. Similarly, natural calamities like flash flood, earthquake, tornado, etc. can also be predicted at the right time and thus disastrous situations can It'll enable drastically reducing, maybe even bringing to zero, traffic accidents and deaths. And enable disaster response for dangerous situations, for example, the nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima power plant.

Chatting is the new way to shoot

Chatbots are the new conversational interfaces which became a popular tool for supporting web visitors, app users and game players. The fun of having the conversation with a computer bot apart, these intelligent bots quickly became effective tools to replace human support. AI-powered chatbots have introduced to mobile games as well, and they brought great value to gaming experience as well. Don't be surprised in knowing that thanks to AI-powered bots chatting became the new way of shooting in mobile games.

In so-called strategy games with the earlier cold-war era, storyline computer guide with a remote character was common, and these games were dominant throughout the 80's. Now similar games are coming with AI-powered bots and players can instruct these bots to shoot and indulge in all sorts of actions. Chatting taking over the gaming actions powered by Artificial Intelligence will allow new game experience. Many mobile game startups in developing the world and several promising app developers in India are already putting their effort to build mobile games powered by AI chatbots.

Fear of the unknown

What AI can ultimately become is also subject to a lot of speculations and apprehensions around the world. While the era-defining capability of AI remained a constant point of reference for the tech thinkers, the gigantic possibility hidden within the machine's intelligence can also have a disastrous impact on the human living and society.

One of the ways AI can have a destructive toll is by grabbing the human jobs and thereby causing unemployment. Robots already deployed into manufacturing units across the niches like automobile, heavy engineering, etc. will take more jobs when they become more capable with the introduction of advanced AI. Similarly, self-driving cars will take millions of jobs from the drivers, and AI-powered medical equipment will replace many house staff in hospitals and clinics. Automation pushing people out of their jobs will be an inevitable outcome of AI in the time to come.

Breaking the new frontier of algorithms

Algorithms as of now have been developed to replace the human reasoning in some fields and give output based on human input. From search engine algorithm to the various types of machine algorithm that run devices and apps for different purposes are still limited in capabilities. But as data input and data processing power is getting richer they will become more improved, and perfection driven than ever before.

The machine learning will become richer with diverse inputs from a wide array of sources and machines, and the applications will be more aware of the user contexts thanks to a wide array of powerful sensors capable of deciphering human locations, preferences, situations and movements. This access to user contexts and situations ultimately will pave the way for smarter and powerful algorithms more capable of thinking and behave like human beings.

Robot as friends

After all we human beings like to be accompanied by beings capable of understanding our needs and preferences, right? With this logic robots capable of understanding our sentiments, wants and preferences can not only become constant tools but can actually become friends. In the time to come with advanced AI capability to mimic human emotions and sensitive reactions, robots can actually play the role of a friend. There have been several successful experiments to give robots the power of emotional behaviour, and soon we can see them accompany us as friends.

Improved elder care

Eldercare is another major area which is going to be hugely benefited by AI-powered devices and apps. Already remote sending walking sticks, GPS controlled wearable devices are being used for tracking the movements of elders at times when nobody is there to look after them. More powerful, context-aware and sensitive AI-powered robots and devices will help further improving the care of elderly population in the time to come.

The huge possibility and promise of AI are no longer seemed like a vague and distant reality shrouded in mystery. AI is already here across a multitude of devices, apps and automation tools. With the time these AI-powered mechanisms will continue to be more sophisticated with advanced capabilities. That day is really not far when these machines will become real human counterparts in all endeavors of life.

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