Innovations in Information Acquisition

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Each day there are more and more ways to learn new things. From watching TED videos and reading books, to blogs and audio books. But there is more we can do. How can we read faster? How can we find ways to learn new things when we can't hold a book or watch a video?

Information Overload

We all really love information. How can we get more of it? How can we filter relevant information and geet rid of all the noise? How can we take in information when it's not convenient to read? How do you read while in the shower, driving, in the gym, walking? We spend a lot of our times doing these things. These are times we miss out on absorbing information. The filtering will have to be done manually; for now. There rae things we can do today to absorb more information.

Read Faster

Speed reading has been around for a while. There's nothing new about that. However, there are ways we can innovate and take advantage of new opportunities to speed read. If you've ever tried to read on the treadmill or bike, you probably know this can be less than ideal. Sometimes you lose your place, and it requires more concentration to flow. Sometimes you may just read significantly slower to compensate for this. Flipping pages is also a chore, and sometimes the text is too small.

Speak To Me

When Audible first came on, droves of people flocked here. This is a great solution for listening to audio books, but there are some drawbacks. You won't get all the books in existence, and you don't have a lot of new ones. Google Books is doing some interesting things, with the the high quality read aloud service. As of this time in writing, you need an internet connection to use this. This can be be a problem when trying to use it in a basement gym or pool with no internet. Another problem is you might have to disable rotation or the text will keep pausing as it reorientates and performs some calculations. Also you can't put the phone in standby and expect it to play as you do with music or audio. Leaving the display on will drain battery life quickly.

Read Faster

I've created this awesome tool that uses Spritz technology to enable speed reading. This is used to read news articles and blog posts. In private beta at this time but this is great for reading on the treadmill and reading quickly.

Automated Speech

I've also got some ideas on how to bring computer generated speech into the ebooks and posts we read today. This is a subject for a later post.

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