JavaScript Awesome Tips

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JavaScript Awesome Tips



JavaScript Awesome Tips

This book is 100% complete

Completed on 2019-03-04

This is a cookbook with a collection of useful tips and tricks to apply in JavaScript, each tip shows a problem and some solutions using a lot of pratical codes.

This book is for developers who knows at least the basics of JavaScript and want to learn more and more about old school ES5 hacks and a lot of modern solutions stuffs from ES6, ES7, ES8, ES9 and ES10

This is a translated version of the ebook: JavaScript Dicas Incríveis

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Evan Cavalcante

If you're the Batman, this could be your Batman's utility belt

Sometimes as a developer, you have to reimagine and reinvent the wheel to achieve some daily basis tasks, but most of the times you have to create helpers to solve it, so this book written by Caio is a complete cookbook to solve it and becoming a better developer by understanding some tricks that javascript inside your core

Rodrigo Oler

A good pratical cookbook, easy-to-understand

I liked this ebook, full of tips about Strings, Numbers, Arrays, Objects, Functions and some extras, it's a good pratical cookbook and easy-to-understand each example for beginning lay and more advanced developers.

  • Preface
    • JavaScript is dominating the world
    • About this book’s audience
    • How to read this book
  • Chapter 1: String Tips
    • Creating slug strings using regex
    • Interpolating data in a string
    • Repeating Strings in a Row
    • Differences between substring() and substr()
    • Capitalizing strings
    • Editing querystrings in the browser
    • Three ways to convert string to array
    • Applying replace all
    • Searching for words in an object’s attributes
    • Extracting content from string html tags
  • Chapter 2: Number Tips
    • Casting number to currency’s number
    • Casting string to numbers using operator +
    • Casting date to numbers using the same operator +
    • Rounding numbers using operator ~~
    • Checking if number is odd or even
    • Calculating the age of a date like a boss
  • Chapter 3: Array Tips
    • Randomize in an array
    • Shuffling array items
    • Converting nodelist to array
    • Array trucation
    • Sorting numerical arrays in one line of code
    • Only unique items in the array
    • Getting the difference between two arrays
    • Concatenating Multiple Arrays
    • Clearing dirty values ​​from an array
    • Calculating average in a row
    • Checking if an element exists
    • Moving first item to last position
    • Moving the last item to the first position
    • Exchanging values ​​between two variables
    • Mapping values using Array.from()
    • Cloning Arrays Correctly
    • Flattening arrays natively
  • Chapter 4: Object Tips
    • Properties filtering using shorthand value
    • Merging objects
    • Max and min number in one line of code
    • Converting objects to key-value’s arrays
  • Chapter 5: Function Tips
    • Forcing properties required
    • When not use arrow functions
    • Running multiple functions in parallel
    • Sleep function using Promises + async/await
    • Optional catch binding
  • Chapter 6: Bonus Tips
    • Regular expression capture groups
    • Use = instead of
    • Simplifying false value comparisons
    • null vs undefined
    • Exploring console module

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