Mongodb-native over mongoose?

March 08, 2018 0 Comments

Mongodb-native over mongoose?



Everyone uses mongoose!

I do not like mongoose, all the abstractions that it implements have not been very useful when making complex transactions that require more of one query to work. Also, i end up learning "mongoose" instead of mongodb.

However, I recognize the importance of the scheme, since it "facilitates" the reading of the code for other programmers of the team.

Normally (talking about an api), the first thing I do with the incoming data is to check and validate them so that the controllers work only with "clean" data and do not have to work in vain if any incoming data is incorrect.

Due to the previous thing, to implement schemes in the model becomes unnecessary, since the data are validated. I like this, but there is still a problem, the programmers must analyze the validators, to understand what type of data they are handling.

The easiest solution would be to create the scheme, even though the data is already validated, but this would lead to repeating a lot of code throughout the application.

Do you think that the schemes are overvalued?
Am I missing something?
Have you experienced something similar?
How have they solved it?

Any useful advice for a newbie?

I know it might seem silly, but lately I'm "a little bit" more attentive to architecture, and I see that working without schemes and models goes against to the MVC.

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