Analytics Dashboard

Built dashboards for visualizing healthcare data with Apollo, Universal React, Webpack, Postgres, GraphQL.


REX App : RokkinCat

Hybrid Mobile

Built mobile recommendation engine in Knockout with full test coverage.




Architected React and Angular 2 apps.




Built MEAN stack food delivery app with Angular, Twilio, and Node.


Interactive Reader


Uses various APIs to fetch content, and allow the user to read this content on all devices.


Estimote Cordova

Hybrid Mobile

View and order from the restaurant menu just by showing up. With BLE devices you can detect ranges up to 130m with much greater accuracy than GPS. You can also place orders from your table without having to indicate which table you're sitting at.


Unfiltered Photos

Hybrid Mobile

View photos of similiar folks wearing the clothes you're shopping for.


Sears Parts Direct

Hybrid Mobile

This organization needed a secure iOS app to invite their associates to submit photos for their parts. This gives technicians full access to their entire catalog.


Speed Read Posts

Hybrid Mobile

App allows you to use the Spritz speed reader with all of your articles.


Feed Aggregator

Hybrid Mobile

App allows you to add feeds you follow, and create tailored front-page news experiences.


Video Task Requester

Hybrid Mobile

App that allows users to send videos for things they need help with. Other people can bid to do these things.


Home Automation tv

Hybrid Mobile

iPhone app that controls your tv and the channels you watch with Radius Beacons.


Colloquial English

Hybrid Mobile

This app lets you video chat with other people about latest news and entertainment.


Picture Bingo

Hybrid Mobile

Play picture bingo with your friends on your mobile device.


Virtual Video Tour Trainer

Hybrid Mobile

Imagine being able to record video while biking, on your GoPro, google glass, or video glasses.


Weigh Your Meals

Hybrid Mobile

iOS app will calculate the exact weight of the ingredients in your meal.


Finding the Words : Ketchum Interactive


Select a photo and the application will store the photos that have been selected the most times and also factor in the recency of the selection. The application will show the highest rated photos.




Mobile app allowing users to select songs on Shopify and dynamically create playlists


Nestle Raisinets


Sweepstakes form with .NET backend, form validation, and videos.


Ogilvy One Worldwide

Wordpress site and bookmarklet

Custom bookmarklet adding WP posts to embed media from other sites.




Built theme for Sitecore CMS.