Prototype Specification

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Guide to building an app

Start by creating a service that will authenticate users with OAuth2. Stub out some endpoints to post and get user data. The data will consist of user, product, and photo filename. Create an endpoint to store photos in the file system or handle them as base64 encoded images.

Mobile Features

The interface will allow users to register and login. Once logged in they will be able to scan barcodes. Barcode ids will be stored as entries. User will capture a photo. Create unique filename, post photo to endpoint, store in file system, and post entry data to API consisting of user data, barcode, and filename.

User Account

Create state to allow users to view owned entries.

Admin Account

Create state to allow admin user to view all entries and perform searches.

Server API

Define endpoints to store entries and upload photos. Implement OAuth service for authentication.

Public Interfacce

Open source an Angular app that accepts parameters. Allow developer to pass in a product id to return data response. Filter data responses in the UI.


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