React — unit testing HOC’s wrapped component

November 08, 2018 0 Comments

React — unit testing HOC’s wrapped component



React — unit testing HOC’s wrapped component

Unit testing components in React is very important despite the fact that it can sometimes be extremely disconcerting — I assume that you’ve already experienced the feeling of struggling with a single component that can’t be tested with ease. The latter clause is especially true when the component is wrapped with a HOC.

First and foremost, let’s just scratch the surface a little bit and try to understand what happens behind the scenes.

Whenever a component — that is expected to be tested — is wrapped with a HOC, there isn’t any way to access that with a simple shallow rendering — I hear the folks saying you can use mount rendering, but this might cause unexpected behaviors due to the rendering of the whole tree. Instead, you should go a level deeper so that grab the appropriate component from there.


After investigating a bunch of other similar issues, I found the relevant one that was mentioned in this GitHub issue.

The following solution is achieved by using Jest and Enzyme.

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