'The Art of Social Media' by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick

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Social media has become so huge, it's imperative that you get onboard and learn to harness the power, especially if you're into developing startup apps and products.

Timely and Comprehensive

This book is written for this very moment, and may quickly become outdated. Some of the overarching ideas and concepts will still apply. These authors cover soup to nuts across all major social media channels. You may learn a new thing or two, even if you already use these social media channels.

Opinionated and Controversial

The author writes in an emphatic way, and this comes across very personal. Who's to say whether it will work for you, but they can say it's worked for them. This is something that takes a significant amount of time to do. It takes a lot of time to search, discover, post, repost, and reply to messages from other users. Fortunately they discuss some interesting ways to automate some of this work and reap the maximum results for your efforts. A lot of excellent techniques that seem like common sense, but perhaps you weren't employing these strategies in your regular course of actions.

Informative and Engaging

This book covers social media strategies and techniques in just the right amount of detail. Enough that this could be the only stuff you ever read, but, not so much as to influence you to skip over parts and/or to quickly become outdated. A quick and casual read that gives you direction to explore subjects of interest.

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