Things you need to know to become an ace Javascript developer

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Things you need to know to become an ace Javascript developer



Following is not a tutorial. Not a step by step path to becoming a successful developer.
If you are an expert Javascript developer stop reading this now. If you are an average guy looking to increase the depth of your Javascript knowledge read on.
These are few of the core Javascript concepts you should know to be a good Javascript developer and few of the best resources need to learn that. Some of the things you learn from the below resources will make you go:

I have heard one of the best explanation for closures from my friend and Javascript Ninja Nithin David thomas, Closures are like movie Inception.

You get to access the variables/information of outer function/dream in the inner function/dream.

Learn more about closure from these awesome resources.

You will already be familiar with function scope and variable scopes. Read more about scope here:

Having proper understanding of call, apply and bind will change the way you use functions in Javascript. Learn more from this nice free youtube tutorial:

A promise is an object which can be returned synchronously from an asynchronous function.

Following is a nice little write up comparing Class and Prototypal Inheritance.

This is the video that gave me aha moment. Must watch!

Little bit of CSS knowledge won’t hurt. Here are tips on speeding up the page rendering

If you don’t know all these already, this will definitely make you 5x better than you are already now.

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