Thinking in Kubernetes (K8s) - Better Programming

October 21, 2019 0 Comments

Thinking in Kubernetes (K8s) - Better Programming



Unless your product is very large, it is likely that your product will be deployed into an existing production cluster. This decoupling of your production environment from your application is, initially, strange.

With different technologies, you simply build your environment when the product is ready to ship. You own that environment in its entirety.

But now? You’re in a shared living space — simultaneously the tenant and guest. It’s uncomfortable, it feels like a restriction of autonomy. Previously, you could do as you pleased with your environment. Now? Everything has someone else’s name on it and you’ve got to be careful. So how do you break out of this rut?


This can be unnerving. You don’t know these other folks. What if they’re total mavericks? Well, what you’re experiencing is the beginning of trust. You’ve recognised that you need to rely on another party. There’s a shared responsibility. The best way to handle this? Meet up, explain your anxieties, set up some loose ways of working and regularly improve them.

Your shared Kubernetes cluster is going to force you to talk. If you avoid talking, you’re going to struggle. Be prepared for a much more active, tight form of collaboration. It will take some getting used to and it may feel like an invasion into the sacred space that your team occupies, but with a little practice it will become perfectly natural and the benefits will present themselves.

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