Unfiltered Fashion Photos

Worked with an amazing group of folks to develop this idea at the NYC Fashion Hackathon and won a trip to Poland to pitch the idea at a fashion event.

That model looks great in that outfit, but what about me? I don't have the same body shape and size. Where can I see what other people look like, wearing that? Some companies are doing this, like Rent the Runway and Anthropoligie. This app allows all sites to take advantage of this.

Photos and Barcodes

Take a photo wearing this hot new dress, and scan the barcode so we know exactly what dress this is. This photo gets stored in a database. The application uses the API to show the photos we need.

Shop Existing Sites

Don't worry about coming to our site, because you don't have to. Shop the same sites you currently shop at, and we will show you unfiltered photos of real people, as soon as you click the button.