Zetta – A Really Cool Platform for IoT Applications

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Zetta – A Really Cool Platform for IoT Applications



Zetta is cool open source IoT platform built on top of Node.js. It’s built with an aim of API-First IoT platform in order to provide ease to the developers. Zetta is useful in creating Internet of Things Servers that can run across a huge geo distribution and also the cloud.

You get a combined flavor of REST, APIs, WebSockets and reactive programming for integrating real time data intensive application.

Installing and Getting Started with Zetta

Since it’s built over Node.js, npm is the way to go for such applications. In order to install Zetta, you just need to follow the below-mentioned command, and you are done.

npm install zetta

That’s it! This will bootstrap Zetta into your system and get you started in no time. As we say it can run anywhere you can have a look at the samples of Zetta server running in various places. You can run it on color, any device that supports Node platform and as mentioned that everything is an API. Here we refer Thing as the data for the device. You can be comfortable enough to get your hands wet and see things taking shape pretty easy.

Writing a program to blink a LED is just pretty simple and straight forward. One can just go ahead and use the following with a little bit of setup in place. If you are the one who likes to venture with practical IoT and wants to get your hands wet with such frameworks then you don’t need to go too far, you can do that just with your cell phone as your device and do wonderful stuff using Zetta and Our whole series on Hybrid Mobile Development.

Do Explore more and let us know if you need some getting started the video in this series or some kind of tutorials. We are more than eager to help you guys out. Hope this will point you out correctly in your IoT journey.

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